Wednesday, 23 June 2010

My Daughter's Burda 104

Hello again everyone! How's sewing going? Isn't it wonderful to be able to sew in peace with the windows and doors open and the sun blazing outside, especially after all that snow at the start of the year. Aah bliss.
Ok, I've managed, by some weird miracle to finish AND photograph this dress.


I really didn't think I would manage to make the dress look so, well, so un-home made. It just looks like a normal dress you might see in a shop, that is unless you looked inside. I don't have an overlocker and I'm still not at the stage of making the wrong side of the garment look neat and tidy. But the outside, that looks fine.

Just wanted to put in this quick post and will post again soon with my next project - something quick and good to take on holiday. Till then.. Oh by the way sorry about the location of my photos, the kitchen isn't that glamorous and certainly the dirty dishes in the sink aren't so appealing, I will try and choose a more scenic location for your viewing pleasure soon.


  1. What a fabulously stunning dress - and that shade of red is perfect!!! I'm enjoying this lovely spell of sunny weather too.

  2. Lucky daughter! You have done a great job by the looks of it. I didn't see the sleeve detail in the magazine - it's lovely.
    Re your most recent post, a 4 thread overlocker will be a really good investment that I don't think you will ever regret.