Thursday, 31 December 2009

My first foray into Hot Patterns

Wow, I've discovered dressmaking and sewing. My imagination has been captured and I am fired up to create a wardrobe full of exciting clothes that fit right and are beautifully embelished and accessorised.

Also I have discovered the most wonderful community online of other women who are passionate about their art and skill..the skill of making clothes and other creations. You are a great bunch of women!

I love you, love you, love you!

What a wonderful lot you are. A big shout out to Lori at Sew Forth Now podcast who took me through so much food for thought, thanks for helping me along in my initial steps to dressmaking. Soon after I discovered a whole world of podcasts (Sew,Stich,Create - Grandma's Sewing Cabinet - Trena and Cidell and so many more) and blogs that I resolved to start my own. Maybe in time I may start a podcast too.

Without further ado, lets get straight to my project; the Uptown Downtown dress all the way from Florida..

This the dress I have chosen to make. I like the fact that, as i'ts name suggests it can be dressed up or down. I can wear it to work or out in the evening. I plan to add some colour to it though with accessories but the fabric I have chosen in a medium weight jersey in a darkish grey.

I started by spreading the pattern out on the table and looking to see what size I should cut. After some measuring I realised that my measurements landed in different dress sizes so I decided to cut an 18 which my bust and hips were. I think that since my fabric is stretcy and will have elastic in the waste I can afford to play around with the sizing a bit.

Then I cut out the instructions and began to trace the patterns in that size.

Once that was done I cut them out and hoped that I had cut them in the right size. I find it hard to handle the uncertainty of making clothes from scratch, particularly as I am not experienced enough yet to be sure about what I'm doing. In a shop I can try clothes on for fit. I figure, though, that I can fine tune the fit before I begin sewing the pieces together.

I will finish cutting the pattern pieces out then I must go have my shower and get ready to go out tonight to dinner at a friends' house. I always procrastinate starting my sewing projects, but once I'm involved I always wonder why I hadn't begun earlier in the day. This must be addressed in the new year

Happy New Year everyone, 2010 will be an amazing year.