Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Thank you Brian for sharing

I came across Brian's amazing blog ( evening and watched this you tube video with great amusement. I have to admit I found it funny because I can see an element of myself in the song and video. I finally had to admit that I am rather obsessed with this wonderful thing called sewing. Enjoy 'Craft Talk' ladies are something else.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Storage in the sewing space

If you have a beautiful large sewing room you are very lucky. Many ladies living in America often show pictures of their lovely roomy sewing rooms and I always feel admiration for their space. It must be great to just leave your work out when you have to stop working and then just shut the door on it, knowing it will be conveniently ready for you to continue upon your return.

I do not have a sewing room but have purloined our dining table for this purpose. However my supplies and fabrics are begining to multiply and spill out of the kitchen tupperware boxes I have found for them. Also because I sew in the conservatory the lighting is awful. New storage and a good light is key, I have my eye on a special day-light bulb light with a magnifying glass

That way when I'm seam ripping I can see what I'm doing.

I am currently doing a little course in 'sewing machine skills' at my local Adult Education Centre. It involves doing a series of samples that teach you how to use your sewing machine to it's full potential. Thought I would include a picture of us and at the centre and a picture of my sewing machine before moving on to pictures of some amazing handmade cupboards I found tucked away in the sewing room.

The Adult Education Centre is such an old building and the sewing room has been established for so long that there are so many really sturdy old pieces of furniture and storage hiding behind all sorts of things.

I would love to convince Steve, my husband, to make a me a cupboard like those, or perhaps to find something similar in a second had shop somewhere. Alternatively I saw on one of the many blogs I read a tall bookcase laying on it's side and used as a table for your sewing machine with plenty of storage underneath. I might be able to pick up a tall bookcase on Freecycle.

Even though I have taken over the dining room I would still like to make it into a nicer place to sew. Improve on the lighting and the storage. What's your sewing space like? What do you like best and what isn't working?