Sunday, 10 January 2010

Vogue 8529

Okay, onwards and upwards...

I bought a nice pattern yesterday, Vogue 8529. Steve, my husband, drove me to town and I had 2 hours to indulge myself in my local sewing supplies shop. I looked through all the patterns and strolled through the fabrics, feeling them and imagining which would suite various styles. I look forward to one day making garments with all of the fabrics I saw. Since I am attempting to sew myself some good basic pieces I thought this Vogue pattern would be a useful one to have, in this mole brown marle jersey fabric

This is a very plain and boring fabric and I think the dress will probably have to be well accessorised. This is something I am not accustomed to doing so while I am sewing it I will be thinking about which colours would go best with it as far as dressing it up goes.

Today was a sewing day. It was snowing and the family were in and out but I was lost in my new project.

My first hurdle was to decide which size to cut. I find this very hard to decifer from the measurements on the instructions sheet. So, to help me make a decision I traced off the front yoke and pinned it together and did a tissue fitting on myself and my dress form to see it is was too small/big.

It looked okay, so I cut a 16. I must admit, one of the best things I have invested in is a rotary cutter and mat, it makes such a difference to the accuracy of the cutting..much better than the hack job I did on the very first dress I cut, I knew straight away that my cutting needed to be improved and the rotary cutter was just the thing. Look at what a good job it does

No matter how good the cutting though, after pinning it all together to double check the sizing I found it was huge. I wondered around the kitchen wearing the pinned together dress which was falling off me and my husband watching me bemused. Well, I thing I will recut the pattern pieces to the next size down but making sure the skirt art of the dress isn't too tight. Here is a parting shot of my pinned together dress, the picture shows it's dark outside and I have the lights on - I've been sewing and pottering around all lovely.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hot Patterns 1090 dress DONE!

What do you think of my dress? I love it and can't wait to wear it to work as soon as the snow calms down a bit.

I must confess that the neck band, which is a self rib, was not as easy as all that. I pinned it on but didn't like to look of it, it kind of gathered the fabric and just sat there in an ungainly fashion - it looked awful. I mulled the problem over for a few days, hence the lateness of my post, and decided to take 2cm off it's depth, so that I could manage it easier as I sewed it on. Another reason for doing this is to open the neck up a bit so that I could show off the lovely jewelery my husband gave me for Christmas.

This is a picture of the finished result. The neckband looks good, flat and unobtrusive. I cut a large chunk off it and quartered it as Judy recommends and just sewed it. I figured I could always rip it if it didn't work...but it did work.

I can't believe that I did it!! Once it was pressed it looked great

What a great way to start the year. I have cleared a sewing space in my conservatory which we normally use as a dining room. It was great to spend the entire day listening to the radio and podcasts an simply allow myself to become totally absorbed in the process of making this dress. All the way through I was thinking about how I would style the dress and where I could wear it. I will post some more pictures of me in it. A bonus it that I finally cut a size 16 not 18 and it fits very much better than anything I could buy on the highstreet.

I am hungry for more patterns to continue my wonderful, exciting sewing journey.