Sunday, 14 March 2010

Long silence

I am sorry I haven't posted for some time. I would love to portray myself as the serene housewife, living effortlessly as a wealthy and glamorous woman indulging in my hobby. Banging out one marvellous project after another. Perhaps even polishing my perfectly formed home every now and again.

Unfortunately my life does not quite follow that dream. My husband and I have had several fallings out since my last post and have agreed on a temporary separation just to sort ourselves out a bit. My boiler has packed up and we have very little hot water and no heating, thank God the weather isn't still freezing. My car also decided to expire, although it has now been fixed. So I have been rather distracted of late.

HOWEVER...I have recently started to rediscover myself a bit. I have enjoyed my own company and have spent some really wonderful times with my lovely girls, who are 13 and 16, just hanging out together and chatting and laughing. Today was mother's day and my daughters made the obligatory fuss of me all day. Also, I have had the pleasure of just hooking up with all my girlfriends and getting to chat with old friends whom I haven't spoken to for years. So, it's certainly not all bad.

BUT...I desperately need some sewing advice about a particular problem. I have almost finished my Vogue dress. It was huge so I have re-cut the pattern pieces to the next size down but for some reason the seam on one arm does not meet at the top by the armpit. I guess my hand must have slipped when cutting that piece and snipped off more at that part than I thought. Can anyone tell me how I can rectify this problem? In short the arm seams are fine until you reach the armpit, by which time they just meet without giving me any seam allowance for about an inch. How can I sew the seam all the way to the top?

Now, the boiler, the car, the husband I can stand..but THIS is causing me some concern!

All my love, until next time..with pictures, I promise.


  1. Hi Karima - I have been away from blogging for a while but am back with a vengeance now and noticed you are following me (thank you!) - always so exciting to find sewists in the UK!

    Hope you are ok and that you are still enjoying having some 'me time' and seeing your girls. Very excited to read about your next project!

  2. Hi Karima! Just found your blog. I wish you so much luck and peace with your "me" time!

    With the armpit problem, can you put in a triangle shaped piece of fabric? That might work for you.

  3. That's a good idea Kathy! I was just puzzling about what Karima was describing. Thanks for signing up to follow me Karima.

    Nice to meet you and hope you figure out your sewing problem. If I could see a picture of your dress I could probably help you. :o)